Aerial Wedding Cinematography: 5+1 Things to know

The most high quality trend in bridal market this year is the service of aerial wedding cinematography. It is about creating high quality wedding videos with the familiar … drones!

Couples tend to ask more and more for a drone service and the truth is that they can give a touch of luxury and cinematic feeling in your video. Therefore, they are loved both by the couples and the videographers themselves. What should we know before we decide to “call” a drone in our marriage?

Tip No 1: The drone itself cannot complete the job. So we come again to the careful selection of our wedding videographer .

Tip No 2: Not all venues are drone-friendly. That is why you should ask the person in charge of the venue, whether drones are allowed or not. But keep in mind that even if allowed, you should discuss with our team if it can work. It is not easy nor safe to fly anywhere.

Tip No 3: If you have in mind that aerial wedding videography is faster and easier than the traditional one, you’re wrong! It takes time to grab the beautiful aerial view shots. And you’ve got to be strategic. Anthony recommends shooting footage during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception when guests are just milling around.

Tip No 4: The drone is not the quietest “equipment” a videography team can carry! In order to avoid any interruption or inconvenience, it is proposed to have the drone grounded during the ceremony. Our team carries only the best and most professional equipment, therefore you can ask us to use our pro-drone with cinema cameras, in order to be able to fly far enough and use the right lens that can get the shot.

Tip No 5: Through the aerial wedding cinematography service, you now have the opportunity to give a unique cinematic character in your special day. Drones essentially depict landscapes, moments, the enthusiasm of friends and the thrill of relatives. They can “capture” that spontaneous moment, when something special happens and perhaps nobody – only the drone- could have”noticed”.
Drone Tip No 6: Especially for destination weddings a drone is the best choice! Worth seeing again and again that beautiful sunset on the island shortly after the wedding …

So do not hesitate to call the Beyond Vision Wedding Films team for a meeting before they film your wedding video!