Wedding videographer: Meet him… Before the wedding!

With the professional that will make your wedding video, you will surely spend many hours together. Therefore, it would be useful to know him a little better and several days before the ceremony.
Many consider it unnecessary to meet with the wedding videographer, since they usually have heard from a trusted friend to be very good at his job. So that is enough for them. In fact such a meeting would be useful both to you, planning the wedding, but also for the professional wedding videographer.

Initially would help in better planning to achieve the desired result, just as you imagine! Furthermore, you will be more comfortable with him and the lens, so you can be relaxed during filming. Basic requirement, especially when you do not go very well with the cameras.

Wouldn’t you like to have a better understanding of the professional’s aesthetics, whom will turn your moments to a film? Even though it seems excessive, you need to see him, to hear him, chat with him. From this you will understand a lot about the professionalism and his way of work.

Finally a meeting with the videographer operates proactively. Firstly, is the question of organisation and secondly, the management contingency which may occur. For example, what insurance does the videographer provide on the equipment? What happens if it breaks any part of or if it rains? What if the ceremony’s or the reception’s time changes? Does he have a partner, who will replace him in case of sickness? Details important to have discussed and clarified early on.
So do not hesitate to call the Beyond Vision Wedding Films team for a meeting before they film your wedding video!