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Awarded as the World’s Best Wedding Filmmaker for 2023 by Wedding and Event Videographers Society.



Awarded as the Best Wedding Cinematographer Worldwide for 2023 and 2020

Hello, I am Anthony, a destination wedding videographer. My wedding films follow a particular philosophy: I concentrate on glimpses of pure emotion, unexpected and unfiltered, and capture the naturally beautiful facial features and expressions, the dynamism of body language and the magic of the atmosphere created during that special day. Although based in Greece, I have gone far from its borders –a keen travel enthusiast at the same time- filming weddings in a wide range of destinations all over the world, from Italy to France, Bali to Switzerland and so on.

Being an international wedding videographer and through my extensive travelling, I have also grown to be incredibly familiar with the best places to shoot in a wide spectre of destinations, both iconic and under the radar. What do I consider myself? A storyteller, I like to say, unfolding your love story, one that is far from awkward poses and fake smiles. Rather, one filled with the intensity of the emotions and the unsurpassing momentum of one of the most special days of your lives.

Obsessively observant as a destination wedding videographer, I know in depth how to capture the combination of grand gestures, spontaneous moments and those little details that make the true difference. After the cake is cut, the fireworks fade and the glitter lands, what is great to know is that a compelling video story, of your personal journey and celebration, was created, just for you, a treasure to hold for a lifetime.

Proud Member of the International Golden Heart Awards Community

International Golden Heart Awards - Anthony Venitis

Top destination wedding videographer in Greece, Europe, Italy, France, French Riviera, Côte d’Azur, Mykonos, Santorini

"Simply Breathtaking"

- Patrycjia and Piotr, Tuscany, Italy

"This is the Beginning"

- Villa Balbiano (House of Gucci), Lake Como, Italy

"We cry every time we watch it"

- Emily and Nick, Tuscany

"Like watching a movie"

- Iris and Pedro, Villa Astor, Sorrento, Italy

"This is the Beginning"

- Daisy and James, Ibiza, Spain

"The World is Waiting"

- Viktoria and Pedro, Abaton Island Resort & Spa, Crete, Greece

Luxury Micro Wedding

King George, Athens, Greece

"Can't thank you Enough"

- Miglena and Charles, Costa Navarino

"Your films have soul"

- Ada and Juan, Mykonos