Your Wedding Event and Covid 19 – Corona Virus..?

2020 is shaping up to be a weird year so far. My inbox is constantly pinging with COVID-19 updates, and it’s enough to make any sane person feel nervous.

I can only imagine how stressful this is to anyone planning a wedding.

So, I want to do my part to help. As an international wedding videographer, a big part of me is terrified about the coronavirus and its global impact. But I want to choose compassion over fear. Preparation over worry. Will my business suffer this year? Probably. Will I still be okay? Yes, I will. And I want you to be okay too.

So, I’ve created a corona-virus action plan. And thrown in some tips and advice as well.

My goal is to be understanding, easy-to-work-with, and flexible during all this COVID-19 chaos. I operate my videography business with core values of honesty, transparency, and respect. Your health and well being are my absolute TOP priority. I want to help ease your minds going forward, so you have one less thing to worry about at this time.

I am keeping up to date with all WHO and CDC recommendations and their travel advisories. I am also keeping a close eye on my own health to make sure I don’t contract the virus or spread it.

Enjoy the beauties of Greece.

Greece, as most countries, is under temporary #lockdown but the time will soon come when our country will come back stronger and more colorful. The time will soon come when we will get to enjoy her beauties once more, together and united. “Proud to be GreeK” Until then #staysafe and #stayhome.

I am thinking of you…

How I will help

– As your wedding videographer I will be even MORE flexible with you about postponements than it states in my contracts. I’ve gone into this in detail below. There are many unknowns right now due to COVID-19, and I want to help make videography one less stressful thing to worry about.

-I won’t shake your hand or hug you when we meet, how about some air hugs though!

-I will give you the option to Skype or facetime instead of meet over drinks/dinner in person.

-I will be honest with you about my own health and my travel schedule.

-I will minimize my personal exposure to large events, sick people, and crowded places as much as possible.

Coronavirus tips and advice

-Don’t panic! We’ll get through this!

-Wash your hands more frequently, for 20+ seconds. And don’t touch your face.

-Be honest with others about your health and travel. Be honest with yourself. Now is not the time to pretend like you are healthy if you are feeling off. Stay home. Reschedule stuff.

-If you are getting married and have event insurance, check to see if your insurance covers anything impacted by the Coronavirus.  A lot of insurance companies are sneaky and they will NOT cover stuff. It’s good to know in advance!

-If you are getting married, keep your guests posted about ways you can help them! Post on your wedding website about the virus situation in the wedding location, and tell sick guests to PLEASE stay home. Tell people what precautions you will be taking as their wedding host. Keep them updated with travel plans. Communication goes a long way. Use your wedding website as a tool!

-Include creative COVID-19 precautions during your wedding. Cute hand sanitizers, hand-washing-stations, masks, or gloves for dancing. Maybe rent an extra-large dance floor, so people don’t have to be so close together. Space tables out more. Find ways to be extra hygienic and make people feel safe.

-Communicate with vendors as much as possible if you are considering postponing your event. The worst thing is to postpone last minute! Most of our businesses will take a huge hit this year from the virus, so preparing for slower cash flow is essential. We are trying our best to help clients, but you can help us too by being super candid about everything!

-Be open to having a smaller wedding than you originally anticipated. It could be really special! I love capturing elopements, and I’d be happy to help you plan one instead of a bigger event.

-Remember, we are all in this together. We are all a little scared. We are all getting hit economically and worried about loved ones getting sick. Be kind. Be understanding. It will go a long way!

Coronavirus FAQ for wedding clients

Postponing your wedding due to Coronavirus

I completely understand that you may need to delay your event due to travel restrictions, quarantines, fear for the health of family members, or being sick yourself. If you decide to postpone your wedding to a new date, your deposit will transfer over, as long as I’m not already booked on the new date. Please reach out to me if you need to change dates so that I can accommodate you! I’m here to help.


World Health Organization


Can’t wait to hear your wedding videography plans!

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