How to choose the perfect Destination Wedding Videographer

The choice of your destination wedding videographer is difficult. But it may become easier, with better organisation, and a little research from you. This research should be characterised by variety. Not limited to the family and friends circle, who will most likely just recommend you to their own wedding videographer. You will choose the one who will be with you, your entire wedding day!

What is the best criterial to make the best choice? What questions can you ask your potential filmmaker to understand if he fits you?

10 + 2 Questions to ask your wedding videographer

  1. What is the style of your videos?
  2. Has your work been featured?
  3. What is your favorite part about filming during a wedding?
  4. Who do you think are the best lighting conditions for the time and location, our ceremony will take place?
  5. What is included in the package of services that you offer?
  6. Do you have any guarantee for the “unexpected” that may happen? For example if any of your equipment fails?
  7. Is your team big enough, so that you can simultaneously cover the preparation of the bride and groom?
  8. How many weddings do you cover per year?
  9. Do you follow a specific plan/path while filming or you follow your instinct?
  10. How long does it take to deliver the final wedding videos?
  11. What is your dress code during filming a wedding?

Bonus tip: If it is a case of a double ceremony, give some time to your wedding videographer between the two.

«Don’ts» for selecting your destination wedding videographer

* Budget: A budget friendly offer is not always the right choice. The wedding video is an investment. A good professional should have the appropriate equipment and a high-quality result, which presuppose a similar cost.

* The number of weddings he covers: Although the experience is useful and required, but you expect your cinematography team to make you feel special! So there is interest in how many weddings your destination wedding videographer covers every season, as to how much passion he or she has!

* The work samples: Definitely the impressive video portfolio of the videographer, automatically raise him to the list of your final choice. Before the final decision, it would be good to meet him and talk to him about how he works. Do not forget to ensure that he is willing to devote the necessary time on your wedding day!

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How to choose the perfect Destination Wedding Videographer 2

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